Coronavirus update! 2020 events postponed to later date

It is our responsibility to provide a safe and quality environment for our participants as they endeavor to play professional baseball in 2020. Based on CDC recommendations, we have postponed the 2020 pro tryout mini-camps. We will still be hosting these events in 2020.

We are not cancelling the events but instead we are working closely with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and Major League Baseball to select a date that coincides properly with the start of their respective 2020 professional seasons.

We will be selecting an appropriate date for each event as soon as the ALPB and MLB have made public decisions on their new start dates. As of now there is much speculation regarding Major League Baseball but until they issue their official statement, we cannot announce a new date.

If you have registered already for one of these events and have NOT been getting our frequent emails, including event itineraries, please send and email to so we can put your CORRECT email on your registration form.

We know that this is a tremendous opportunity for you as a player to further your professional baseball career. We understand the commitment it takes to participate in an event like this and what it means to each player hoping to play professionally in 2020. This is why we will not be cancelling the event but instead coming up with a plan that gives you unprecedented access to professional managers and an unparalleled opportunity to secure a professional baseball playing contract for the 2020 season.

For those of you displaced by the cancellation of the 2020 college baseball season, we are increasing the participation limit for each event and are opening a live waiting list for players to request access to attend. Pitchers are still able to sign up currently through the online portal, but position players must request access through the waiting list.

CLICK HERE to access the waiting list

Please check your email box for any and all updates from the Prospect Dugout and Atlantic League team.


Spots are filling up!

These 9 MLB teams have already accepted our invite to our 2020 tryouts!

Here are the remaining slots available by position at each location:

Contact to be placed on the waiting list if you are a position player!! Random spots have been opening up for the waitlist, and they get filled immediately by the next name on the list. Don’t miss out!

**If you have MLB or AAA experience, you may email us at to request a waiver to attend either event.**


  • Pitcher: 13 available
  • Catcher: WAITLIST
  • First Base: WAITLIST
  • Second Base: WAITLIST
  • Third Base: 2
  • Shortstop: WAITLIST
  • Leftfield: WAITLIST
  • Centerfield: WAITLIST
  • Rightfield: WAITLIST


  • Pitcher: 12 available
  • Catcher: WAITLIST
  • First Base: WAITLIST
  • Second Base: 3
  • Third Base: 1
  • Shortstop: 1
  • Leftfield: WAITLIST
  • Centerfield: WAITLIST
  • Rightfield: WAITLIST

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9 MLB teams confirmed

The New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins have been added to the list of MLB teams that will be in attendance evaluating talent!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be seen by MLB clubs and the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball!

The Atlantic League will be signing at least 34 players from our tryouts to 2020 contracts! Don’t wait as our Florida event is sold out in ALL positions except catcher and pitcher, and our Arizona event isn’t far behind!!

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Pittsburgh Pirates CONFIRMED!!!

Pittsburgh Pirates

That brings the total confirmed MLB teams attending our 2020 tryouts to 7!

In addition to the 34 contracts guaratneed to be offered by the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, 7 MLB teams (Pirates, Twins, Red Sox, Rays, Nationals, Mariners, and Dbacks) will be on hand to evaluate talent.

In 2019, Prospect Dugout placed 40 players from our tryouts into professional baseball.

This is a tremendous opportunity to get as many eyes on you as possible as you pursue a 2020 professional baseball contract.

To register for one of our 2020 professional tryouts with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, click here

See you there!

CONFIRMED: Tampa Bay Rays to attend 2020 Atlantic League pro mini-camp

With the Tampa Bay Rays committing to attend our 2020 tryouts, that brings us to 6 total MLB teams so far. We fully expect to have all 30 MLB teams represented at our tryouts.

While attending Billy Horn’s Meet-a-Prospect camp, Prospect Dugout co-founder Joel Hartman met with a scout from the Rays and confirmed he will attend our 2020 tryouts. We held our first event in 2019 and a total of 41 players went on to play professionally that season.

Billy Horn attended our event in 2019 as a member of the High Point Rockers coaching staff, and will be attending our 2020 tryouts as well.

To register for one of our 2020 Pro Tryouts, click here.

ABCA Nashville Recap

The 2020 American Baseball Coaches Association convention made its stop in Nashville, TN and Prospect Dugout was there creating content, networking, and collaborating!

The sold out event was attended by over 7,000 baseball coaches from across the country, not to mention many former players, professional coaches, fans, and amateur players and their parents. Hundreds of brands featuring the latest products and training tools lined the convention’s trade show exhibit as visitors line the walkway checking out what each booth has to offer.

From analytical products like Blast Motion to Stance Check hitter’s glasses that train both eyes to look at the pitcher, the ABCA showcased a wide variety of products and services during the 3-day trade show.

A few major standouts from the ABCA trade show were the massive spaces rented by Rapsodo, HitTrax, and Home Run Zone Simulator which allowed spectators to take full range batting practice while testing out each brand’s products.

The ABCA offers a schedule of lectures, instructional sessions, and other presentations by various personalities and professionals in the game of baseball both at the collegiate and professional levels. Our time at the convention was spent solely at the trade show as we mingled through the booths greeting brands we’ve previously worked with while meeting new ones as we head into 2020.

Check out this full list of brands we visited in Nashville:

Looking forward to what 2020 has to offer!! Excited to be working with such top quality brands and create great relationships with those representing the companies.

If you’re interested in working with Prospect Dugout, want to have us at your event, or would like to set up a marketing campaign, please send us an email at

NCAA Uniform Tournament Bracket

We’ve partnered with College Baseball Hub once again to bring you the very popular social media Uniform Poll!!

Last year we amassed 1,840,000 votes during our week-long tournament!

Starting tomorrow (12/13/19), everyone will be able to vote for their favorite D1 uniforms on our Instagram story (@collegebaseballhub). We will be teaming up with Prospect Dugout (@prospectdugout) as well as Foul Pole Sports (@foulpolesports) to run this voting tournament. This means that you can vote for your favorite uniform on each account! The school that receives the most total votes each round will advance to the next round.

Vanderbilt won this tournament in both 2017 & 2018, will they be voted the favorite for the 3rd straight year?

To download a fillable bracket that you can do at home,

click HERE.

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Voting Format

Head to our Instagram story every day to vote for your favorite uniforms! The schedule for the voting tournament is as follows:

12/13 Round of 64 (Left Side of Bracket)

12/14 Round of 64 (Right Side of Bracket)

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(11/6/19 – Dallas, TX) Prospect Dugout is pleased to announce our 2020 Pro Tryout Mini-Camp lineup, in partnership with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB). Coming to Orlando, FL in March 2020, and Tucson, AZ in April 2020, our 4-Day Professional Mini-Camp will feature 184 players making up 8 teams at EACH location. ( We are guaranteeing that at least 34 players will be offered 2020 professional contracts!

Read more for info…

MLB Teams Confirmed!!

We are super excited to announce that the Minnesota Twins, Washington Nationals, and Arizona Diamondbacks will be sending scouts to our 2020 pro tryouts!!

Last year, we began putting together our 2019 event about 3 months beforehand, and we were able to secure 12 MLB teams in attendance.

With a 7 month head start for 2020, we FULLY expect all 30 MLB teams to have scouts in attendance at our tryouts!

We are only accepting the first 184 players, so make sure to lock in your spot today!! For only $199 you can reserve your spot for either our Arizona or Florida event.

Play Pro Baseball in 2020!

In 2019 over 40 players from our March pro tryout went on to play professionally, including two at the Triple-A Level.

Prospect Dugout is back with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball for 2020 professional baseball opportunities.

Entering its 21st season, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) offers an open classification of play, the highest level of professional baseball other than Major League Baseball. Atlantic League players are highly experienced professionals, having progressed through professional baseball developmental levels (A, AA, AAA). More than 40% of Atlantic League players have major league service time. Atlantic League clubs pay players to win baseball games, not apprentice in baseball’s developmental levels.

Over 900 of the league’s players have signed contracts with big league organizations and over 100 players have been transferred to Major League Baseball. The league averages more than 50 player contract sales to MLB organizations each year. Over 70 former Atlantic League players and coaches are managers or coaches in MLB organizations.

2020 features TWO events:

March 30 – April 2 in Orlando, Florida and April 6 – April 9 in Arizona.

Thanks to our partnership with the Atlantic League, we are able to guarantee that at least 16 players will be offered ALPB contracts from our events.

How the tryouts work

A 4-day Mini-Camp will allow players to audition their skills in front of ALPB managers for a chance to earn a playing contract for the 2020 season.

Each day will consist of on-field batting practice, extended infield/outfield, and a 10-inning game.

With a limit of only 184 spots in each location, players will have to act fast.