2020 Pro Baseball Tryout Registration

The OFFICIAL tryout for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

34 guaranteed contracts!!!

At our 4-day tryout, for less than $200/day you will spend 8+ hours EACH day in front of professional managers and MLB scouts that have the ability to sign you on the spot!

These 5 MLB teams have already confirmed their attendance! We fully expect all 30 MLB teams to be represented!

Registration is $799 for our 4-day event.
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4-day tryout camp DAILY ITINERARY

  • 9am: On-field batting practice to showcase your hitting skills
  • 1030am: On-field defensive reps to showcase your defensive skills
  • 1230pm: Live gameplay to showcase your playing ability
    • Each day will feature 2 different ALPB managers at your field
    • Hitters will get 4 to 5 at-bats each day during live gameplay
      • That’s 16-20 at-bats during the event
    • Pitchers will each have two live outings, facing 24 batters over 4 innings
      • Pitchers will not have to pitch back-to-back days
    • 4-days of access to other professional managers, coaches, and personnel
      • Our 2019 event had 12 MLB scouts, and coaches and team representatives from every major Independent organization in the USA, as well as clubs from Mexico and Japan
  • Personal skills evaluation and results sheet
  • Official mini-camp hat and shirt

Choose your event location and register now! Use the code PROSPECTDUGOUT to save $50 today!


Orlando, Florida @ Boombah Sports Complex

March 30 – April 2


Tuscon, Arizona @ Kino Sports Complex

April 6 – April 9

More about the event:

After a hugely successful showcase weekend in March of 2019, we have revamped our layout for 2020, going from a 3-day weekend showcase to a 4-day all day mini-camp. The 3-day weekend event saw 11 players signed following the event, which completely sold out in 6 weeks.

More than 40 participants from the professional baseball tryout went on to play professionally in 2019.

“I had a good experience, is a good showcase to demonstrate your skills”

Oliver Nunez #28

“Great experience got to compete against high level competition and got to get looked at by high level scouts…”

Ellington Wade #161

In 2020 we will offer TWO 4-day events: Arizona and Florida

In March 2019, participants traveled from all across the country, as well as from outside the country to Lakeland, Florida for this opportunity at a professional baseball tryout. In an effort to reduce your travel costs, improve your availability for the event, and enhance your experience, we are offering TWO locations in 2020!

Our 2020 events are structured as a mini-camp in order to maximize this opportunity for you to get signed for the 2020 season.

Laid out as a more efficient 4-day mini-camp, we are able to tremendously increase the value offered to you at our professional baseball tryout.

Save $50 today using the code PROSPECTDUGOUT

Each venue will offer the following:

184 participants will be rostered to 8 teams (each featuring 10 pitchers, 3 catchers, 1 first baseman, 2 second basemen, 2 shortstops, 1 third baseman, and 4 outfielders) that will compete in FOUR 10-inning games, led by one of the 8 team managers from the ALPB.

Prior to the game each day, teams will take on-field BP and participate in an extended professional infield/outfield session.

First pitch each day for all 4 games is 12:30pm. Both teams on each field will take BP together, followed by a defensive showcase structured as an extended infield/outfield session.

This structure of this professional baseball tryout will allow you to spend a full day in front of each individual ALPB manager to better showcase your skills.

The ALPB is guaranteeing to sign at least 8 players from EACH event to a 2020 contract. At the 2019 professional baseball tryout event, 11 players were signed in a post-event draft.

Every major independent league in the USA was represented in 2019, along with professional clubs from Mexico and Japan, and 12 MLB organizations had scouts in attendance and on the field.

Over 40 participants from the 2019 event went on to play professional baseball in 2019.

This 4-day Professional Mini-Camp is packed with tremendous opportunity for players seeking a 2020 professional baseball contract.

Register today for this professional baseball tryout and save $50 with the code PROSPECTDUGOUT

Plus, take advantage of our installment payment plan so you can lock in your spot today and complete payment later!

Kino Sports Complex
Boombah Sports Complex

Registration is made simple with Team Snap. Choose your event location, create your free profile on Team Snap, and complete registration.

You can choose our payment plan option to secure your spot and pay later!

Inside the revamp: 2020 Mini-Camp

Based on feedback from MLB scouts and ALPB managers attending our 2019 event, we came up with a 4-day mini-camp for this professional baseball tryout, giving you daily access to professional baseball managers: BP, defense, gameplay.

We, as former players, felt that with the talent in attendance there should have been more signings from the event.

Revamp #1:

Each day at 9am, each team will take a full pre-game BP on their assigned field. Instead of a single day of 12 swings, you will get 4 days of a typical pre-game batting practice.

Revamp #2

Following daily BP, teams will then take an extended infield/outfield, consisting of throws to bases, double plays, and double cuts. Instead of making a couple throws to third and home in a showcase setting, you can display your defensive ability in a more suitable pre-game infield/outfield layout.

Revamp #3

The best opportunity to secure a contract is to show that you can compete in live gameplay. In order to execute this properly, as well as help you save on travel expenses, we are offering two events: one in Florida, and one in Arizona.

We are cutting registration at 184 players per event, giving hitters a much better look over the course of the event, and pitchers are able to get a more extended opportunity to face hitters, as well as recover.

Revamp #4

No wasted time.

By adding a 4th day to our event and turning it into a mini-camp, we are adding 3 more days of value to you in terms of BP and defensive showcase! Not only that, but by structuring 10-inning games we are able to get each player 16-20 at-bats, and each pitcher will face 24 hitters.

So for 4 days, you will get 8 hours a day of professionally coached: BP, defense, and live gameplay. By rotating fields each day, you will display your skills to all 8 ALPB regular season team managers.

16-20 at-bats; 4IP, 24 batters faced = ultimate pro tryout value!

Which location works best for you?

In Arizona we will be offering lodging: double occupancy or single, at a discounted rate. You’ll save at least $200 on lodging and travel booking through Prospect Dugout.

At our Florida event, we have teamed up with local hotels that want to help make this opportunity a success for you. They will be offering you discounted pricing through a special link that will be emailed to you after registration.

Installment plans available for payment!

With so much added value: 4 days of batting practice and defensive reps, followed by live gameplay; we incurred more cost.

But, because we know this professional baseball tryout is a valuable opportunity for you, we were able to keep costs down while we added 4x the amount of reps for you: all for less than $300!

With our installment plan option of 7 payments, you only have to come up with a small down payment to complete registration and secure your spot.

Kino Sports Complex
Boombah Sports Complex

Registration is made simple with Team Snap. Choose your event location, create your free profile on Team Snap, and complete registration.

You can choose our payment plan option to secure your spot and pay later!

Refund policy

So much goes into creating this professional baseball tryout opportunity for you:

Hours on the phone with hotels and venues; setting up lodging and travel for our mangers; making sure as many professional teams as possible are present; securing umpires and setting up the layout and itinerary, and organizing all of this into two awesome events.

Because of this, all registrations are final.

However, because we use TeamSnap for secure registration, we are able to offer you registration insurance: RegSaver has you covered. Visit https://www.registrationsaver.com/teamsnap/ to learn about it!

Please note, you must be 21+ or a professional free agent to participate in this event. This event is NOT open to high school players.