Kickin’ it with @yourboyswish

Tuesday nights at 6pm eastern

Nick Swisher is a 12-year MLB vet with a 2009 World Series ring with the New York Yankees. He is now a special advisor to the Yankees GM Brian Cashman, as well as a Fox Sports analyst on top of being the host of the hit Live streaming show Kickin’ it with @yourboyswish!

What’s the show all about?

A call-in show aired LIVE on the Prospect Dugout Network, Swish dives deep into the conversation about hitting, baseball, life, and everything in between. Discover a new perspective or refine your own as you journey through the dialogue during and after each call.

Co-hosts Joel Hartman and Craig Maddox bring their special flavor to the series: Joel is former 5-year pro with an extensive background in coaching and training at the high school and youth level; Craig is a hitting coach in the San Francisco Giants organization and brings a unique perspective after playing professionally for 13 years.

Join us as we get authentic and real with each caller, bringing our point of view to the table and engaging in a conversation with the next generation of baseball players.

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