2020 Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Tryouts

Over 40 players from last year’s event went on to play professionally!

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184 players will be on hand to put their skills on display to the professional managers and MLB scouts in attendance.

Our 4-day minicamp will give you personal access to professional managers and MLB scouts:

Daily on-field batting practice

Daily defensive drills

LIVE gameplay

A total of 34 contracts for the 2020 season will be handed out to players at our tryouts

The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball is the premier Independent professional baseball league in the country. The highest level of play next to Major League Baseball, the Atlantic League has sent over 950 players to MLB over the past 20 seasons.

The Atlantic League averages more than 50 player contract sales to MLB organizations each year.

Our tryouts will give you the best opportunity to play professional baseball in 2020. As part of our partnership with the Atlantic League, we are able to guarantee 34 player contracts for the 2020 season will be offered to qualified players at our tryouts.

New for the 2020 season is the Road Warriors team, which will be selecting 20 players from the tryouts to complete their roster for the season.

Our 4-day tryout will provide you with an unmatched opportunity to put your talent on display for MLB scouts and professional managers. The Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Washington Nationals, Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees, Miami Marlins, and the Boston Red Sox are confirmed to be in attendance to evaluate talent.

Photo by @twigpics

Dove Tail Bat is the official bat sponsor of the 2020 Atlantic League Pro Tryouts

40 players from our 2019 professional baseball tryouts signed a professional contract for the 2019 season. Three players were signed by an MLB organization.

11 players were signed on the spot following our 2019 event

A minimum of 34 contracts will be offered at our 2020 tryouts

Our event is the largest pro tryout event in the country and your best opportunity to put your skills in front of professional managers who have the ability to sign players on the spot!

This event is only open to players that are out of college, or international players that are eligible to sign.

High school players MAY NOT ATTEND!

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